IcedTea-Web plug-in running on ARM

Thanks to great work by Chris Phillips and others, we now have a Zero based OpenJDK7 RPM building on Fedora ARM

Peter Robinson (Fedora project volunteer) then started an icedtea-web build on ARM based on the above, which went fine.

I decided to try icedtea-web with OpenJDK7 on ARM. I only had access to an F15 machine so I had to force install the F17 OpenJDK RPM (it works other than where -lpng would be needed). Here is the result — the IcedTea-Web plug-in running with Midori on Fedora ARM!

IcedTea-Web plug-in working on ARM

IcedTea-Web plug-in working on ARM

Now to wait for Andrew Haley’s JIT work to go in, to make it run faster 🙂


About dbhole

I have been a member of the Java Group at Red Hat since mid-2008. I started off as an engineer and in late 2012, I switched to the dark side, a.k.a management :) I now manage all the members in the Java Group and some members from the QE team dedicated to JDK/component related QE.
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3 Responses to IcedTea-Web plug-in running on ARM

  1. Peter says:

    One thing to not, I do not currently work for Red Hat. Could you update that please?

    • dbhole says:

      Hi Peter. Very sorry about that. I don’t know why I thought it was the case 😦 Corrected now — thanks!

  2. jamcito says:

    WOW, its amazing and much awaited

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